The insider’s guide to the Norwegian job market

English, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Russian edition

Whilst there are many Norwegian books offering job application advice, this one is unique. Written specifically for people who did not grow up in Norway, it will guide you step by step through the job seeking process. The book is packed with practical tips, starting with how to get your foreign education recognised in Norway, and ending with what to expect when you have successfully got your first job.

In exploring the typical mistakes that non-Norwegians often make; you will learn how to sell your personal qualities and competencies in a culturally acceptable way, whilst gaining an understanding of what Norwegian employers look for.

This book will help you to be better-prepared as a job seeker, boosting your self-confidence when applying for jobs.

This book has also been published in Norwegian under the title ‘Kunsten å arbeide med nordmenn’, please see the Norwegian version of this page for information about this edition. It has also been published in Ukrainian: ‘Мистецтво пошуку роботи у Норвегії’, Russian: ‘Искусство поиска работы в Норвегии’ and Lithuanian: ‘Menas susirasti darbą Norvegijoje’. If you press ‘Buy’, you will be able to select the edition you want.

The insider’s guide to Norwegian workplace culture​

English, Norwegian and Ukrainian edition

The book explains why Norwegians think and act as they do and what they expect, and encourages the reader to reflect upon the social norms and what is considered acceptable behaviour in Norway.

This is the guide to understanding Norwegians in the workplace and their social life which will make you a more informed and confident colleague, business partner and friend. With increased awareness and self-confidence you can be more relaxed, have fun and focus on building lasting, rewarding relationships.

This book is also available in Norwegian under the title ‘Kunsten å arbeide med nordmenn’, please see the Norwegian version of this page for information about this edition. It has also been published in Ukrainian under the title: ‘Мистецтво співпраці з норвежцями’.

(Multicultural workplaces)

Norwegian edition only

This practical oriented guide is for anyone interested in learning about how our communication is influenced by our cultural background, and how you as a colleague or leader may make the workday easier for new employees, and especially for those who grew up outside of Norway. It has practical tips on how to achieve a better work environment and productivity in multicultural workplaces. The book is based on the author’s own experience, as well as information from other people and research.

This book explains why it is challenging for new employees, and especially non-Norwegians, to get started in workplaces in Norway. After reflecting upon this, the reader will be more capable of adapting the guidance and follow-up based on each individual’s needs. Working in a multicultural team becomes more meaningful after having an awareness of cultural differences and different approaches.

The topics could be a source of debate in the workplace, to help engage and develop people. By having such dialogues, teams may find new ways to handle their challenges, and thus be able to take out more of the potential of the multicultural environment.