Working with Norwegians

Our main courses related to working in Norway or doing business with Norwegians are:

Description of these courses:

Working with Norwegians

This course will give you a practical insight of what is expected in Norway – in a business and social setting. Our courses are based on the little known fact that the Norwegian business and corporate culture have unique and important elements that are seldom found in others. The Norwegian way of doing business may therefore often cause confusion and frustration for people from other cultures. Most Norwegians are not aware of this situation and will often not think of explaining the traits of their workplace culture. The lack of clear expectations, instructions, follow up and feedback may be hard to deal with for their foreign colleagues.

This cultural training gives a systematic introduction to the special traits of the Norwegian workplace culture. The participants will also learn simple techniques for how to achieve better results in their cooperation with Norwegians. The course has practical exercises with scenarios where the cultural differences will typically come to the surface for discussion and reflection in the group, before specific tips are given on how things should be done to achieve the best results.

The course fee includes an electronic copy of the course material and free support for the participants where they may contact us for advice relating to issues with working or socialising with Norwegians.

Whilst the duration and content of the training may be tailored for each customer,  below is our suggested format:

Goals of the course:

  • Build a bridge between cultures
  • Learn about the cultural traits of Norwegian workplaces
  • Create an awareness of what is expected in Norway
  • Reduce misunderstandings and communication problems

Course content:

  • Introduction and a bit about the Norwegian lifestyle
  • Major cultural traits of Norway – how and why Norwegians are different
  • Scenarios from the workplace where the cultural differences may typically be an issue
    • Discussion in the group for reflection
    • Suggested solutions
    • Explanation of what is considered acceptable behaviour in Norway
  • Socialising in Norway
  • Summary
  • Questions and answers

Doing business with Norwegians

This seminar is suitable for those working with Norwegians as colleagues, business partners, or those in professional sales situations. The participants will get a practical insight into how to do business with Norwegians by learning about the formal code of conduct and unwritten rules applied. The Norwegian business and corporate culture have important elements that are seldom found in other cultures, and the Norwegian way of doing business may cause confusion and frustration for persons from other cultures. This seminar will boost the awareness of these factors and make it easier to do business. The goals and content of this course are similar to Working with Norwegians and will be tailored to each customer’s need.

Applying for jobs in Norway

This course is suitable for Non-Norwegians who want to learn about job-seeking and how to prepare for job interviews in Norway. This course will take you through the application process and give specific tips on how to best adapt to the Norwegian job market. Typical misunderstandings or mistakes made by foreigners in job-seeking situations will be addressed. This course is often conducted in combination with Working with Norwegians.

The course package includes an electronic copy of the course material, and electronic samples of job applications, CVs and recommendation letters (English and Norwegian) specifically made for the Norwegian job market. These may then be used as templates when applying for jobs in Norway.

Goals of the course:

  • Be better prepared when applying for jobs
  • Learn what is special about the job application process in Norway
  • Boost your understanding of what Norwegian employers expect
  • Be able to avoid mistakes typically made by non-Norwegians 

In this course the participants will learn:

  • What to expect as a job-seeker in Norway
  • How to ‘sell oneself’ towards Norwegian employers
  • How to make ‘Norwegian style’ application letter and CV
  • How to prepare for and behave in the job interview
  • How candidates are selected
  • About typical mistakes made by non-Norwegians