Multicultural work environments

We are able to conduct a variety of courses for a multicultural environment. Some examples are mentioned below:

  • Working in a multicultural environment
  • Leadership of a multicultural environment 
  • Project management in a multicultural environment
  • Diversity management
  • Successful multicultural environments
  • Exploring cultural diversity
  • Cultural awareness crash course
  • Cultural awareness for enhanced business performance
  • Cultural awareness as a tool to succeed with internationalisation
  • Cultural awareness as a tool to succeed with global sourcing
  • 10 Steps to successful global sourcing
  • Alcohol culture in Norway – dilemmas and challenges in the workplace

These are suitable for people who work in a multicultural environment, and will assist in making it easier to understand what is expected and how to interpret the signals from members of other cultures. Whilst we mostly focus on raising cultural awareness within the Norwegian market, we are able to tailor our courses to suit other environments and needs as well. 

The trainings will give a systematic presentation of areas where the Norwegian workplace culture tends to deviate from other business cultures, and provide practical insights into achieving effective teamwork within a multicultural environment. Most Norwegians are not aware of how different their workplace culture is from other western business cultures. They therefore will not think of explaining the differences and expectations to their non-Norwegian colleagues, which can often cause frustration and misunderstandings.

Our cultural trainings give a systematic presentation of the cultural traits of the Norwegian workplace culture and leadership style. Participants will receive specific tips and hints on what they should be aware of, and will learn simple techniques leading to better results. The course has practical scenarios where the cultural differences will typically come to the surface for reflection and discussion in the group, before they get specific tips on how things can be done in a different way to achieve better results.

The course fee includes an electronic copy of the course material and free support after the course, where the participants may contact us for advice about cultural issues they have.

Whilst the duration and content of the training may be tailored for each customer,  below is our suggested format:

Goals of the course:

  • Build a cultural bridge
  • Build awareness of the cultural traits of Norwegian workplaces
  • Get specific tips on how to achieve better results
  • Reduce the risk of cultural misunderstandings

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Major cultural traits – how Norwegian culture differs from many others
  • Scenarios from the workplace where the cultural differences will typically come to the surface
    • Discussion in the group for reflection
    • Explanation of how and why we think differently
    • Specific tips on how the situations can be resolved in a multicultural environment
  • Indirect communication
  • Tips for multicultural workplaces
  • Leadership in a diverse environment
  • Questions and answers